Each moment of the year has its own beauty . . . a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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President’s Letter

pavilion_image1It’s been another busy year in the park with lots for all our volunteers to do.
Construction of the new Interpretive Pavilion which will house the new nature
center, is also complete. The move will allow the concession to expand and,
hopefully, make lots more money for the park, and our new location is going to
be much more prominent—at the top of the green above the springs so everyone
should be able to see us.
The move will be a complicated one but we hope the downtime when the nature
center is closed can be kept to a minimum. It will also allow us to plan the new
nature centre so that we can better display our exhibits and have more hands-on
activities for the children.
The 26th Annual Real Florida 5K and 10K race and fun walk took place in the
park on February 23rd and the annual PaintOut, sponsored by Wekiva Island
and WSSP, took place from March 3-10th. Both events were very successful
and between them made a profit of almost $15,000. Next year’s Real Florida
run is on Saturday, February 22 and the Paint Out runs from March 2-8.
River Patrol goes from strength to strength with 10 new volunteers successfully
completing the water safety training course. As a result, we were able to have
volunteers patrolling the Wekiva in force each day of the Labor Day holiday
weekend. Another training class will be held soon and if you are interested in
taking this to volunteer for River Patrol, let me know.
pavilion_image2Volunteers act as ambassadors—able to answer questions, help river users in
trouble and look out for fallen trees and other maintenance tasks that need to be
done. The presence of the River Patrol also discourages people from breaking
park and river rules and regulations. It is fun, rewarding and necessary so please
consider it.
We’d love to welcome you on board.

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27th Annual Real Florida 5K and 10K Run & Fun Walk, February 22, 2014

The 27th Annual Real Florida 5K and 10K Run & Fun Walk at Wekiwa Springs State Park  will be even more special next year. It is the only race run entirely off road within a state park and there will be cash prizes for the fastest overall times in the 10K.
To get a registration form click on the link below.
To register online go to www.active.com and enter 27th annual real Florida 5K-10K.

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Views from a cyclist’s perspective – Jack Finucan

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5K Race – 2012

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Save the Dates

The Board of the Wekiva Wilderness Trust, the non profit volunteer group that supports the work of Wekiwa Springs State Park, meets in the park at 5.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Members of the public are welcome to join us and learn more about what we do and what you can do to help. For more information please email info@wwt-cso.com

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Adopt an Animal and Save a Habitat

What about a Florida Black Bear? It’s easy with WWT Adopt-an-Animal program. When your class or scout troop adopts a black bear you are helping to maintain and preserve its natural habitat. If a big bear seems like too much to handle, there are lots of other animals to choose from. Animal adoptions make great presents for birthdays and special occasions too.

Animals available for adoption

Armored Catfish, American Alligator+, Box Turtle +, Bobcat, Corn Snake+, Florida Black Bear*, Florida Gopher Frog*,Florida Mouse*, Gopher Tortoise+, Greenhouse Frogs, Mud Turtle+, Nine-banded Armadillo, Opossum, Pine Snake+, Pocket Gopher, Raccoon, Rhesus Monkey, River Otter, Sherman’s Fox Squirrel, Striped Newt, White-tailed Deer

*threatened species

+available to visit classrooms and troop

Adoption Levels and Benefits

$25 level

-Your name on our online Animal Parents Recognition page for one year
-Personalized adoption certificate

$50 level

-Your name on our online Animal Parents Recognition page for one year
-Personalized adoption certificate
-Fact sheet on your animal

$100 level

-Your name on our online Animal Parents Recognition page for one year
-Personalized adoption certificate
-Fact sheet on your animal
-5 x 7 color photo of your animal

$150 level

-Your name on our online Animal Parents Recognition page for one year
-Personalized adoption certificate
-5 x 7 color photo of your animal
- animal visit to your class or meeting

All levels will receive an invitation to our Annual Animal Parents Picnic.

To adopt an animal click on the button below.

Adoption Level

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