The Wekiva Wilderness Trust in conjunction with REI is holding its next basic survival boot camp on Saturday, January 18, 2020, from 9am to 3pm at Rock Springs Run State Reserve in Sorrento off State Road 46.

The course has been designed for family group participation so everyone knows what to do if a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster destroys their home or if you get stranded in the wilderness. Of course, all the techniques are good skills to use in the great outdoors. The boot camp will cover survival techniques, field first aid, foraging for food and water, building a shelter, rope making from natural materials and lighting a fire (including the bow and drill technique).

Apart from water, bug spray, sun screen and lunch, each participant is asked to bring a knife, about 20 feet of strong string, parachute cord or similar and two large black garbage bags.

The cost for the workshop is $10 a person payable on the day (which counts as a donation to the Wekiva Wilderness Trust). If you have any questions or want to register for the class, please email [email protected].