Serenity Garden Final ConceptThere have been lots of behind the scenes activities involving the Serenity Garden as the landscape architects put the finishing touches to the master design plan.

We hope to have the final design completed within the next month and after review by the Department of Environmental Protection, the project will then go out to bidding for the first phase of construction – grading the site, installing retaining walls and laying the concrete paths.

The design stage has taken more than two years to complete as scores of meetings and focus groups have been held in order to get the greatest diversity of views possible about what the garden must offer and what people expect to get out of it. We have been privileged to work with many of the leading national and international experts in this area who have generously contributed their services.

We are also working on a major media event in late summer with an official ground-breaking. We are talking to all the local mayors as well as local, state and national legislators both to get their support for the garden and to attend the event so that it attracts massive media attention and publicity.

In every sense, the garden – a park within a park – is unique. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the U.S. and as far as we know, anywhere else in the world. While there are healing gardens in hospitals and therapeutic gardens in many facilities, no one has ever attempted to pull all the various gardens into a single, comprehensive unit. That is what the Serenity Garden at Wekiwa Springs achieves.

Teams of Master Gardeners from Orange and Seminole Counties are working on comprehensive plant lists as only native plants will be grown. We are also working with the Florida Native Plant Society and the Florida Association of Native Plant Nurseries.

An Ambassador’s Council is being formed of prominent people who have expressed their willingness to promote the garden and seek out patron donors. As the size of the garden has increased to more than 1.2 acres, so has the cost and significant funding is still needed to complete the project. We are optimistic, however, that the money can be raised because as word spreads about the project, more and more people want to get involved in a project that is both unique and one that will serve a very special yet underserved community.

You can find out more information about the Serenity Garden on the Serenity Garden page!

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