Wekiva PaintOut – Thank you

Many thanks to everyone who supported our 9th week-long Wekiva PaintOut – the artists, the buyers, Wekiva Island and all the volunteers who made it possible. See you all next year Feb 28-March 6 for our 10th.

WWT Code of Ethics

The Wekiva Wilderness Trust is a non-profit volunteer organization controlled by an elected board of officers and directors. Every member of the board has to agree to comply with the WWT Code of Ethics. To read the Code please go to the Volunteer page.

Discovery Hour at Wekiwa Springs

Feb  21   2 pm.Edible Florida and Basic Survival Techniques  Don P. Feb 28    10 am. Florida’s Springs and the Wekiwa Watershed.  April March 7 10 am.  Successful composting. Sue March 14  10 am.Prescribed burns explained.  Ranger March 21  10 am.Walking Wekiva. How...

Survival Boot Camp

We will be holding our next basic survival boot camp on Saturday January 11 from 10 am to 4 pm. It will be at Rock Springs Run State Reserve which is off SR 46 near Sorrento. From the Wekiva area take Markham Wood Road north until you reach SR 46. Make a left turn and...

Protected: River Patrol Info page

Hi, The idea of this page is to allow River Patrol volunteers to chat to each other and exchange information. If one of you has a question, it is likely that someone else will be able to answer it. Let us know about problems you spot on the river, any funny anecdotes...